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Surplus of Popes

Surplus of Popes is a card game in which everyone is a Pope! All of you have met for lunch, or brunch . . . or whatever time-appropriate meal it is to decide once and for all, which among you is the best!

We created SoP with the intent to troll our friends. By luck or skill we created something people enjoy and even backed to 119% on Indigogo. This game is thousands of hours of work boilded down into a bite sized box, though we suggest not eating it without BBQ sauce.

Why not see if Surplus of Popes is in your area, and give it a shot.

One Shot Left

This is a one panel comic series we try to keep up with It has also been rolled in with our commissions of Pope Vs from comic conventions.

Quote of the day: Watch out for Gerry, he's a real pos.